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LFWS community focused on SGA GEN fics


Welcome to SGA_LFWS! This is your mod x_erikah_x. You can also say hello to our co-mods linziday and annieb1955. If you have any questions about the main guidelines of the comm you can read this rule post and if you have any further questions, just drop a comment.

In case you don't know already, LFWS stands for Last Fic Writer Standing. If you’re familiar with the LIMS in many icon making comms you know what this is about, but if you’re not this is how it works:

The challenge is composed of rounds. On each round the participants will have to write a story following a general prompt. Participants have a week to write something, so the fics will be short. Usually drabbles or something of the sort. The stories will be submitted to the mods and will be posted anonymously. Then the stories are voted. The voters will select their favorite and least favorite story, and can give reasons for the votes (always with constructive criticism, bashing and voting for yourself are not allowed). After the round of votes, one winner for the round will be announced, and one writer will be eliminated and not continue to the next round. No need to be afraid about not continuing, it is a natural part of the process. This will continue for as many rounds as necessary, until there is only one writer standing, which will be selected the Last Fic Writer Standing.

Now we go to the rules.


  1. You have to sign up to participate. You can sign up by replying to the signing up post.

  2. You can offer suggestions for prompts, either in the sign ups post, or in the challenge suggestions post. Only suggestions posted in these posts will be taken under consideration.

  3. After the prompt of each round is announced, with the participants’ checklist, the writers will have a week to write the story.

  4. Write short stories. Remember the deadline, the word count and that voters will have to read all the stories in order to vote.

  5. Only GEN will be accepted. Canon pairings will be accepted only in very brief mentions and never as the focus of a story.

  6. Sometimes the word count will be part of the challenge. For example, we could have a round with stories of 300 words exactly, no more, no less. But because of many differences between different softwares, a limit of 20 words above or below will be in acceptable parameters. This will only be a rule when clearly stated in the prompt.

  7. You are not going to post your own stories. You are not to reveal what you wrote until the voting is closed. Breaking this rule means the cancellation of the participation in the round and the obligatory use of a skip.

  8. Only the mods can post the stories, so you’ll need to send them over.

  9. Voters can give reasons for the votes and they will be sent to the authors anonymously. No bashings. Constructive criticism only. Unreasonable votes (like ‘I can’t believe you used my least favorite character of all' or ‘I hate AUs’) will not be allowed.

  10. Each vote will count as a score (negative or positive). The greater the score, the more positive votes the story received.

  11. The votes are not to be submitted in the comments of the story. A separate post will be made for votes, which will be screened. Votes in the comments of the story will be deleted. You can post your feedback in the comments though, just not if your vote will go to the story or not.

  12. No voting for yourself or telling others to do so.

  13. You can ask to receive the criticism of your story after the voting is closed. A separate post will be done for that and the mods will post all the criticism in a screened comment to your request. You can have the criticism unscreened if you want to share it with other writers, but you can keep them a secret if you want.

  14. Don’t be afraid of not progressing to the next round. Being voted down is a part of the process and there is always the next time.

  15. The winners will receive banners for their stories and artists can also sign up to be making them. If you are an artist and would like to be making a matching art banner for the winner stories you can sign up on the signing up post for the corresponding challenge.

  16. Generally the voters will select a First, Second and Third place stories. Mods will select Mod’s Choice. When fewer writers are left, there’ll only be First Place winners and Mod’s Choice. The last round will have the Last Fic Writer Standing for First Place writer, and a LFWS Memorable Fic Writer for Second Place writer.

  17. If for any reason you cannot write a story for any one round you can use a skip. Each participant receive one skip on signing up. More skips are gained by pimping the comm somewhere else (like in your Livejournal). Simply contact the mods with the link to your pimping post and you’ll receive another one, so you don’t need to worry about committing to the challenge each week. Everyone here have real lives and problems and surely there will be occasions in which participating in a round won’t be possible. If you fail to submit the story in the due date and forgot to skip the round, a mod will use any skips you have to save you, but if don’t have any skips left, I’m sorry, but you won’t continue to the next round.

  18. After the voting is closed, the authors will be revealed and you can post your fic in any other places you want.

  19. Each round will have a winner, but only one writer will be The Last Fic Writer Standing.

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