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Sign ups open for the LFWS #2 [GEN VERSION]


Comment to this post to sign up for the Last Fic Writer Standing Challenge 2. Rules to participate can be found in our profile. Please read them carefully before signing up to the challenge, because you could be committing yourself with this challenge for a while if you happen to live till the last round.

Remember that by signing up you are receiving one skip automatically. Gain more by pimping the comm and replying to the pimp post with a link to it.

If you are an artist you can sign up to make the winners’ banners. Put a link to your work so we can consider you (if you have participated of the previous LFWS, you don't have to do this). The art will have to contain the information about the challenge, the title of the story and the author, with an art that matches the story. On each round a different artist will be selected to make the banners. You can use skips as well, in the same way a writer does, but you’ll have to warn us beforehand so we can call another artist. A post with all the artists selected, in the order of signing up, will be made when the signs up are closed. The first artist of the list will be making the art for the first round, then the second artist for the second round, and so forth, until we start from the top again.

Sign Ups close on April 24th.

A sign up example:

Name: Erika
LJ screen name: x_erikah_x
Artist or writer? writer
E-mail: myemail [@] somewhere [.] com

Any prompt suggestions? Suggestions comes here

Copy and paste this form in your reply:

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